Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What In The World Constitutes An Art Education Career?

Art is one of the most exciting and constantly evolving industries in the world and an art education career is just as exhilarating.

The Absent? R? In Education:

Education has always revolved around three areas, Declaiming, wRiting and aRithmetic, but now a fourth? r? is coming into spindle. Until recently this? r? has always been around, but usually considered an elective or extra study. Let? s think about this for a moment? what is the most captivating assignment in America today? Watching Television!

Television sport is an art and working in the amusement industry is one example of an art education career.

Art; a unique form of expression and letter:

Itemizing, writing, poetry, portrayal & sculpture, harmonization, caper and storytelling are all forms of expression and missive. Broken down and / or combined they effect a varied panoply of opportunities for art, education and practicable careers. Charter? s look at each one individually.

* Saying: Being able to scan is essential to live in today? s society. If you? re able to construe, you can teach someone else to peruse, therefore teaching is an art education career.

* Writing: Some gibber that writers are made, not born. However, there are numerous writers and authors out there with no formal initiation. Writing is an art, a vessel and a gift.

* Poetry: Ah the written duration; exotic, thought - provoking prose. Poetry is a well proclaimed and much loved form of art. Poets gossip in a words all their hold.

* Representation & Sculpture: Soak colors, oils, marble, clay; all perplexing instruments of the artists who use picture or sculpture to communicate their thoughts and ideas.

* Rhythm: Though some don? t always consider it, air is an art form in and of itself. Writing, declaiming, tape and teaching music are all considered careers in art.

* Dance: As far back as the dawn of mankind dance has been used to celebrate victories, mourn losses and tell stories. Teaching dance is also an art education career.

* Storytelling: More than reading from a book, good story telling invokes all of the senses.

Some degrees necessary to obtain an art education career:

Though you may be a professional artist, poet, writer or storyteller, it is essential for you to obtain a degree of some sort to teach the arts to others. These degrees help define your art education career.

BA in Art Education: Allows you to teach visual arts to children grades K - 12.
MFA: Masters in Fine Art; necessary to teach on the college level.
PHD: The highest level of education obtainable; you can even obtain a PHD in Creative Writing!

Examples of an art education career:

Teacher of Visual Arts ( painting, writing, sculpture, dance, script / screen writing )
Graphic Design
Fashion Design
Illustration and Animation

Remember, any form of expression or communication is considered art and can be turned into a career.

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